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Miranda Lott: Clumsy Exorcist Extraordinaire

(stopping time since 2007)

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thebesttiming is a community dedicated to Miranda Lott, from the manga/anime D.Gray-Man. Fanworks of all kinds are accepted here, including fanart, fanfics, icons, layouts, themes, doujin, playlists, cosplay, discussions and more.

Your mod-person: shortitude. You can direct all questions to her.


&. Please use appropriate LJ cuts for fanart and fanfiction, as well as anything containing long bodies of work.

&. Please do NOT post any type of material that is not your own, claiming it as such. If posting, for example, fanart you’ve found from scouting Japanese fansites, please include a note that they do not belong to you, if such is the case. When posting material belong to another person, if you have their permission, please remember to include a mention of it somewhere in your post.

&. Use the necessary spoilers where necessary.

&. In case of fanfics, fanarts, or icons, please use the Not Work Safe, if needed be.

&. There is no restriction to the genre or type of fanwork you may submit. We accept things from yaoi, het, yuri, AU, crossovers, crossbacks, crossunders and just about anything but always with their respective warning. If you’re going to post furry-sex—if there even is such a thing, involving Miranda—the PLEASE warn. Some people don’t like it, keep in mind. Please also use appropriate rating for your fanart/fanfiction.

&. There is no limit of posts per day. If you write five fics of Miranda in one day, post the five fics (PLEASE). This community is primarily all about spreading Miranda Lott love.

&. PLEASE BE NICE. No ship-wars, wank, insulting fellow community members is allowed. AT ALL. If you want to have a ship-war, take it to communities made for that specifically. If you see one of these three happening, let the mod know (she doesn’t have eyes everywhere, you know?)

None as of yet. Please contact the mod if you want to affiliate.
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